Thursday, 21 October 2010

Everyman Cinemas

I am going to keep with my cinema theme a little longer - after all the London Film Festival is still on. But this is a beef about the membership deal at Everyman Cinemas. Don't get me wrong, I think the Everyman Cinema chain in north London, and some surrounding areas is great. They provide comfy armchairs and settees at their plush and quirky venues, which are generally small cinemas showing a mixture of mainstream and slightly more art-house films. They also sell food and drink and, at their Hampstead cinema serve it to your seat - what luxury. No really, it all adds to the 'going out' experience. They also have a membership scheme which, in return for an annual fee, offers discounts, free tickets and undefined special offers. In its first year this was great: lots of free tickets and we went lots. I am pretty sure that extra income from our glasses of wine and bowls of nuts provides compensation for lower direct revenue. The problem arose on renewal. Up went the price and the offers evaporated. A mistake you think, an administrative error? But no response to our emails of protest either. If you live in north London, beware!

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