Effective Financial Management

My book, does what it says, it deals with the practicalities of the key issues of financial management of a business. It is aimed at the business owner or executive - probably not the finance director, because it is a readable introduction and not a textbook. It is primarily a practical guide for non-financial managers. It deals with the lifecycle of the business and the issues that financial management is all about but which the non-specialist should be aware of;

  • Raising money
  • Maintaining relationships with investors and financiers
  • Accounting, reporting and communicating
  • Budgeting and forecasting
  • Managing (and cutting) costs
  • Managing cashflow
  • Assessing new investment projects
  My relevant business background is that;
  • I worked in venture capital and know what a business plan should look like
  • I have extensive business planning experience with large companies
  • I have been co-founder and finance director of a medium sized business
The content of the book is not just guided by what I know works and by success but also by what goes wrong. I know this because I have been bloodied on the battlefield - like everyone I have made mistakes and seen other people make mistakes and I have learned from the experiences.

Key lessons include;
  • Know where you are going
  • Forecast but know that reality is always different, so prepare flexible plans
  • Cash is king - manage your cash carefully
  • It is easier to manage costs than to increase sales
  • Take risks but think about them - don't deny they are there